Volume 6, Nomor 1, April 2009












Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Penghimpunan Dana Pihak Ketiga pada

Perbankan Syariah di Indonesia Periode Januari 2006 – Desember 2007


Azhary Husni                1 – 20


This study analyzed the influence factors of both the Wadiah Certificate Bank of Indonesia, and the profit-lost sharing to the third party fund. In addition, it would examine their magnitude of in character collected by time series start from January 2006 to December 2007. All data which applied together were obtained from the secondary data derived from annual report and statistics of Sharia Banking issued by the Bank of Indonesia. A quantitative approach was used employing multiple regression method with one dependent variable (the third party fund) and two independent variable (the Wadiah Certificate Bank of Indonesia and the profit-lost sharing). Base on the statistical analysis it was concluded that the independent variables showed significant influence to both dependent variables.


Analisis Faktor-Faktor yang Menentukan Keputusan Konsumen

dalam Pembelian Kartu CDMA Esia


R.A. Nurlinda
Yuyun Octavia              21 – 40


The objectives of this research were to identify factors considered by the customers to buy Esia’s CDMA and to identify the dominant factors considered by the customers to buy Esia’s CDMA card. Variables of this study are factors of availability in various types, clear voices, unique and good design, features, cheap cost to the same operator, hand phone package with the beginning number, the well know producer, the user guide, the good after sales services, the affordable price, the various prepaid voucher, the pre and post payment, the strong distribution network, the sufficient product, the accessible location, the share market, the advertisement, the promotion events, the bonus, the innovative and valuable packages, the friend’s effect, the family’s effect, the workplace’s effect, the economical condition’s effect, the lifestyle’s effect and the religion and attitude’s effect. The result of this research showed that (1) the value of cochrans Qcalculated was 4.138 and the value of Qtable was 9.488, it means Ho accepted, where the factors considered by the customers to buy Esia’s CDMA card were hand phone packages with the beginning number, the cheap cost to the same operator, the various pre payment voucher, the pre and post payment, the accessible location. (2) From the calculation, the dominant factors for customers to buy Esia’s CDMA card were hand phone packages with the beginning number, the cheap cost to the same operator, and the various pre payment voucher.


Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Pengungkapan Corporate Social Responsibility pada

Laporan Tahunan Perusahaan untuk Industri Manufaktur Tahun 2008


Prima Apriweni             41 – 58


The damage of the environment becomes more dangerous for the factory’s vicinity makes company not only pay attention for their financial aspect (the single bottom line), but also for the social and environment aspect (the triple bottom line). The objectives for this research were to find out the disclosure level and factors which influence the social information (CSR) in the annual report organization, especially for the manufacture industry which would be listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2008. The research method in this research was the descriptive method with the 29 listed companies in the Jakarta Stock Exchange. These analysis were carried out using the multiple regression and the classical model assumptions. In conclusion, the size and the leverage had the positive influence to the social disclosure but the ownership management and profitability had no influence to the social disclosure at 5% significance level.


Mengukur Efektifitas Sosialisasi Biofuel dengan Metode

Consumer Respons Indeks (CRI)


Riza Daeng Matthete              59 – 72


The government efforts to find the alternative fuel to the replacement of the refined fuel oil continued to be serious effort, in order to satisfy the people’s need and reduce the dependence of the import of refined fuel oil as well as to increase the people’s welfare. Regarding to this matter the government made the regulations about the President of Indonesia Regulation number 5 in 2006 about the National policy of developing the alternative energy resources as the substitute of refined fuel oil such as biofuel. Among the regulations about the government published the President’s instruction number 1 in 2006 on January 25, about the provisions and the use of the biofuel as the alternative fuel. Then the government issued KEPRES No 10 in 2006 about the National Team of the development of the biofuel for the acceleration of the reduction in poverty and the unemployment. Nowadays through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the government was socialize constantly the use of biofuel for saving the energy, reduce the unemployment, decrease the poverty and the important thing the effort to make a friendly environment. The socialization that was carried out by the government to introduce biofuel has progressed for two year, but the people’s behavioral change to use alternative fuel can’t be seen. This research tried to evaluate how far the effectiveness of the socialization of the use of biofuel that has been done by the government to change the people’s behavior of the community.


Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Kinerja Dosen di Bidang Penelitian


Verni Yuliaty Ismail
Azhary Husni                73 – 88


The higher education is the educational institution that has an obligation to operate higher education, research, and service to the community or can be mentioned with the three activities of the Higher Education (Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi). As the organization that involve with the educational service, so that the obligation focusses on the lecturer as the operating core of the organization. The output of the lecturer can be seen based on the level of the activity or the work load of the lecturer in the implementation of the three activities of the Higher Education. One of the activities is the research. This study aimed to see the achievement of the lecturer’s research and several factors that affected him. The research was designed as the survey to four higher education, private and public institution, by using the quantitative and qualitative research methods. Research result showed that the achievement of the lecturer in the research field was still supervised under the standard of the work load of the lecturer, especially to the private university (α < 0,05). Most lecturers consider the activity positively as an activity to support the development of science. The role of the leader was still dominant to motivate the lecturer to increase the achievement of his research. In the meantime, the problem that should be handled by the higher education, beside the availability of the fund was the allocation of the work load of the lecturer that had more time to teach so that available time to research was very limited.